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Green Home Remodeling

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Choosing to remodel a home rather than tear it down and build a new one results in a lower carbon footprint and reduces the impact on landfills. Old or conventional homes can be made more energy efficient, by using the best building and design practices, and by incorporating materials that are the least harmful to the environment. Remodeling a green home is different than building a new one, but the goals are the same and achievable.

In addition to being environmentally friendly green remodeling can still incorporate many if not most of the SmartHaus features. Your family’s environment can be improved by using certified low or no VOC paints and finishes. Spaces can be opened up to maximize airflow naturally creating a harmonious vibe. Carpeting can be replaced with enhanced floor foundations protecting against allergen and mold that thrive inside of carpeting. Ventilation and plumbing systems can be upgraded to lower utility bills and reduce waste.

We always encourage our clients thinking about adding on or remodeling to go green. Incorporating energy efficiency improvements and sustainable choices can easily save 30% of your yearly energy use and make your living space healthier and more comfortable. We can help you make the right remodeling decisions, obtain Energy Star tax credits or LEED certifications.

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