Step by Step Process of SmartHaus Builds

The following outline a detail process of the best way to go about getting started and completing your SmartHaus build.

Step 1 – Acquire a Piece of Land The first step in starting your SmartHaus project starts with obtaining a suitable piece of land. Site selection and home design should be considered at the same time, which is why we will work collaboratively with you from start to finish. We’ll assist you by providing our building process and some common questions you should ask your site contractor. We’ll need to obtain a soil reports, a site survey, confirm sewage lines, and ensure that locality allows modular construction and are also happy to introduce you to local realtors to help you find that land or suitable property to be renovated.

Step 2 – Obtain Financing – For most people, acquiring a home starts with obtaining financing. Building a SmartHaus is classified as new construction and typically requires a construction loan (which will convert into a traditional home loan (mortgage) once construction is complete), instead of a typical mortgage. While we will happily give you direction for financing, we are not in a position to take responsibility for your financing so this would typically be handled between you and your lender.  You may also utilize available Green, or “Energy Efficient” mortgages to finance upgrades to your current or old home.

Step 3 – Purchase Order & Contract- Everyone’s’ contract will be drawn up depending upon the order and local and state regulations. In order to put your contact together, we’ll need to determine your home’s size and configuration, pick out materials, and provide your contactor with your SmartHaus specifications. We will review the details, send your samples of your materials, and draw up contractual architectural drawings for the final contact.

Step 4 – Engineering & Permitting- The SmartHaus is a modular green home and is inherently different from site-built homes. Most of the requirements and state level permitting is done offsite at the factory. This results in relatively shorter review time by the permit office compared to conventional homes. During this stage we’ll engineer your home for environmental factors such as snow loads, wind zones etc. We’ll help obtain your state’s permitting approvals, attend any special meetings necessary for the permitting process, and work with your locality to put in permit applications.

Step 5 – Manufacturing Setup & Walkthrough- Your new SmartHaus is built off-site according to predetermined specifications. The green home is then loaded onto flatbed trucks and brought to the site for assembly. Utilizing modular technology allows us to create extremely durable housing in accordance with all state and local building codes in as little as 5-7 months. Once the home is completely set up, we will walk you through your new home, so you how to use its features.

It is really your choice how complicated, high-tech, or simple your SmartHaus green home will be. Regardless, your home should fit with your budget and ideals for a home that works better, lasts longer, and helps you live better.

Visit our portfolio to see some of our SmartHaus projects, or contact us at (847) 910-0407 to get started on your home.